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Out There Vintage is a Swiss vintage second hand clothing store based in Lausanne and we’re all about unique, out-there, quality vintage clothing and accessories.


From branded to unbranded, colorblock to crazy pattern, monochrome to multi-color, business casual to streetwear, americana to euro rave wear, ’80s to the ’00s… we’re on the prowl for all sorts of special pieces that’ll bring a blast from the past and an undeniable edge to your wardrobe.

We've got what it takes

An eye for vintage detail

We hunt and handpick unique, out-there, quality vintage clothing.


All clothes are washed and checked for any defects or issues which we report  in their product description.


We pack and send your orders in eco-friendly packaging. Either recycled cardboard parcels or bio-degradable mailers.


We work together with upcyclers who breathe new life into unsold pieces.

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Come visit us at 'The Gallery' in Nyon!

Visit us at The Gallery in Nyon!

Here, you can discover an amazing vintage section of ‘Out There Vintage’ with some exclusive pieces and killer threads.

Take a look around and find other cool products by other awesome people that will make you stand out from the crowd. Have a chat with the shop owners and learn about the products they offer.

Be sure to drop in and explore all the wonderful treasures that await!

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